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vrf VEE Features: Implement offline Jitter measurement as on a scope like ADS does in 2005A

Question asked by VRFuser on Aug 31, 2005
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2005 by VRFuser
Hi all,

I know there where a lot of discussion on new features on v7. I did not
follow this one and therefore the proposal might be implemented already.
If so, just ignore the proposal.

You can do a lot of Jitter measurements on (all) scopes. In the latest
ADS version (2005A) Agilent implementet exactly the same userinterface
and calculation capabilities of a scope into the ADS Data display. So
you will see a picture and all the functions that you know from the
scope also in ADS, where you can work with simulated traces, measured
traces, or what ever you want.

There shouldn't be a problem to do the same in VEE.
So what do you think is this something that could be provieded as
example in VEE ???

One Advantage: it is easy to install VEE on a very fast PC, while the
scope is usually bound to the normal Hardware and doing investigations
with max memory depth could be done faster offline in VEE.

I think the effort should not be that big (OK on ADS this are about 30
pages of calculations in the DDS)

Let me (vrf, Agilent) know what you think about this !


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