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vrf VEE altering program !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Question asked by VRFuser on Jun 17, 2005
> In any case, I found almost 40
> Agilent examples of sequence
> lines tied to JCT's.

I did suppose there would be more examples. I didn't think there would be
*that* many though ...

> Let's face it, what good is an
> example, if it's a BAD example?

!!!  Ok, taken out of context. I see what you mean though.

> For that matter, I could argue
> that EVERY line, whether data
> OR sequence, would qualify as
> a GOTO, because they both control
> the sequence of object execution.

Yeah I can see that. Kind of a weird picture: a language of gotos

In the end, I suppose I may as well concede. I give. I've got one anecdotal
instance nine years ago and nothing else. I can't find my notes that
detailed the incident, so I can't even say with any confidence who it was
that told me not to use junctions on sequence.

We know that there can be illegal use of a junction, but VEE catches that.
We know that "use of feedback in this fashion can confuse the VEE engine",
but that comment was made a long time ago and related specifically to using
junctions on sequence to make a "wizard-like" UI. If we haven't gotten an
official comment by now we probably won't: no matter which way it goes
*somebody* isn't going to be happy.

Maybe the best comment we can get comes from Les: "Nah, It's just easier to
tell people not to use them at all than it is to explain when they can be
used." I can live with that! After all, we've got multiple examples of
people that have been using simple cases for years without a problem, and
multiple examples of VEE programs that use them reside on every computer VEE
examples have been installed on. So I'll just shrug my shoulders and sit

Bern, Kjeld - I'm sorry. I take it back.

But we're still left with Kjeld's problem of VEE rewriting his program. I've
never seen that happen before under any circumstances. Kjeld, you haven't
gone and created artificial life, have you? I'm sure Mr. Asimov would have
been most pleased!

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