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SV: vrf Help with NI DAQmx C call and .NET

Question asked by frank.olsen on Nov 22, 2005
Shawn Fessenden wrote the following on 22/11/2005 19:10:
>> I was thinking of marking the last
>> processed line, but if I can not
>> jump to the "mark", then it does
>> not make sense.
> No problem at all. Simply save the byte offset of the last processed cr/lf.
> When you reopen the file, simply skip ahead that many bytes.

I find that reading the file into the NULL variable speeds things up a little,
especially on slower PCs.

Read Text NULL Char ARRAY 1D Size: A
where A is the offset.

Then carry on reading as normal.

Graeme Hilton
R&D Engineer

Schlumberger Sensa

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