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vrf Windows 64bit and VEE7.5 & IO library + Agilent Infinium oscillos cope

Question asked by VRFuser on Jun 19, 2005
Dear Nicole,
thank you for your response.

I have submitted my formal enhancement request via Agilent Web site.

At the beginning it should be noted that I have purchased both VEE 7.5 and
Agilent T&M Toolkit 2.0 as well as I use VEE from VEE 3.1 release.

To tell the truth I would like to write a small comment about VEE 7.5
release as well as Agilent Test & Measurement software on the whole.

Formerly HP offered all-round Test & Measurement solution. I have in mind
that HP hardware (Oscilloscope, etc) worked with HP software without
unresolved problem. At present it is very difficult to build a complex Test
and measurement system based on Agilent both hardware and software.

A bit from history. Agilent offered TCPIP connection to Infinium scope a
long time ago. But only VEE 7 (released in 2004) offered support for TCPIP
connection. It should be noted that VEE support of TCPIP instrument is not
good enough since it is impossible to change connection type ( for example
from GPIB to TCPIP and vice versa) in RunTime. The lack of true VISA I/O
object is the reason. I have in mind the I/O object that allows connection
to any valid VISA address. I have discussed this problem with a lot of
Agilent staff members however VEE 7.5 does not offer true VISA I/O object.

It is possible to use a IVI driver for overcoming VISA address problem.
However IVI driver is not a good approach if one have to download large data
from (for example) Infinium oscilloscope. There is a Infinium oscilloscope
with 128 MB points for each channel. Direct SCPI download of such data array
is a tricky task. Even IVI driver download of only 1 M point requires a lot
of computer memory and power as well as much more time that SCPI download.

As a result if one has to design a Test and measurement system based on
Agilent Infinium oscilloscope that can be connected either trough GPIB or
TCPIP then VEE 7.5 is not good choice.

OK, Agilent offers T&M Toolkit 2.0. However T&M Toolkit 2.0 does not include
any interface objects (knobs, sliders, etc). In additional T&M Toolkit 2.0
plot/graph objects allow using only single Y axis. This is not convenient in
many cases.

On top of it all IO Libraries Suite 14.0 does not recognize Agilent Infinium
oscilloscope if any Infinium option is installed. A error message appears.

Let's go back to x64 bit. At present VEE Y plot can work with 1 M points
data array on up-to-day power computer. 10 M points data array is the reason
of very slowly redrawing of Y plot. Agilent advertises using VEE on Infinium
scope. However it is very complicated to run data processing of 10 M points
data on stand alone power x32 computer and it is impossible inside Infinium.

In my humble opinion x64 system is a good choice for running data processing
of large data array.

In conclusion my short review of VEE 7.5 enhancements. It is very useful to
get menu-driven control of Microsoft Excel as well as Quick access to the
powerful .NET framework. However design of user interface based on .Net is
not an easy task. Frankly speaking Agilent forces to go back from Visual
design of interface to text written type (like standard C). It is much easy
to design .Net interface in Microsoft Visual Studio that in VEE 7.5. In most
cases program interface (designed in VEE 7.5) will be spitted  into .Net and
native Vee Panel object (like Graph). However there is no visible property
of .Net control. This means it is necessary to nestle .Net control in VEE
function panel for designing dynamic program interface.

Enhancements of VEE competitors (Matlab , LabView, NI Measurement Studio)
do not allow one to be a fun of VEE any more. Unfortunately VEE 7.5 does not
include the latest Matlab engine as well as signal processing toolkit. It is
the reason why VEE program performs data processing slowly that Matlab 7.04.
LabView based program user interface is more powerful that VEE one. NI
Measurement Studio includes both interface objects as well as I/O support.

As soon as NI offers I/O assistance object with input nodes there will be no
any argument why it is a good idea to build new system based on VEE.

With best regards,

Mikhail Kozlov

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