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Question asked by VRFuser on Jan 7, 2005
Sorry for late - this is more of a test than anything. Please excuse my prattling - I know it's unnecessary

> Instead of sending to printer, we want to send it to word, acrobat
> reader or another tool like them. Is it possible?

Yes! Code Cow (huh? is right, along with everybody else. If you buy Acrobat you get a creator which installs a printer driver that makes pdf files. Ghostscript is another great choice. What I've done in the past is add an Apple LaserWriter printer & connect it to a File: port. The result is an .eps file that's viewable with Ghostscript or any post script viewer, as well as a file that you can send to a LaserWriter with a Copy /b command. Very handy.

Using a print object or to printer always uses the default printer, which is sometimes not what you want. There was a whole series of discussions on this. You can invoke the Print dialog, or you can programmatically set the printer with DefaultPrinter.vee if you want. You can find all this stuff in the archive. Search at

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