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vrf NI DAQ Card & WEE 7.5

Question asked by VRFuser on Aug 3, 2005
I'm in the process of putting together a test stand and I was asked to look
at the NI-DAQ cards in place of a logic analyzer.  Currently, I'm using a
logic analyzer to record air bag deployment times.  I have a marker pulse
from an arb generator, and I have various air bag deployment times, so I
measure from the rising edge of the marker pulse, to the first rising edge
of each of the air bag channels.  I was asked to look at the DAQ cards
since the cost less than the logic analyzers (Agilent MSO scopes).

What NI DAQ cards work well with Agilent VEE 7.5?  I have never used one of
these cards in a PC before.  I would use a PCI cards, and I need up to 32
channels of measurement capability.

Any thoughts on which DAQ card that I should use?


Tom Mitchell
Autoliv AEA

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