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vrf Posting Excel generating by VEE

Question asked by VRFuser on Feb 4, 2006
      In short, I need to know if VEE Pro 7.5 is capable of communicating and aquiring data from the MODBUS (RS485?? im not sure) protocol.

      I have searched google to look for drivers for a MODBUS protocol that is specifically written for easy communication in VEE (as my programming abilities are weak) but have not found anything (that I recognise).
      What I am proposing to eventually do is setup a power meter to measure power consumption and then have these results read remotely over a network into a basic VEE program I have made. The company I work for has yet to purchase the aforementioned power meter as we are worried about compatibility into VEE with the MODBUS protocol.

      Thank you for trying to help, I will be happy to explain anything again if something is unclear.

    From Niraj Patel

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