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vrf Call for application stories

Question asked by VRFuser on Apr 7, 2003
>>> The only requirement is
>>> that your project must use test products made by
>>> more than one manufacturer.
>>> In other words, we can't write about a project that
>>> uses Agilent equipment exclusively.
>> Kinda keeps me out of the running then...
> Oh, come on.  Interoperability is always a good test of
> your design.  It should be part of the R&D budget.

I agree, but I only work on systems for internal use.
Therefore I have to use the equipment that is available to me
at minimum cost.  You don't need two guesses to work out which
company supplies the vast majority of my T&M kit and software,
if only because it happens to be spare when I need to use it.

Best Regards,

Graeme Hilton
R&D Engineer
Agilent Technologies

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