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Re6: vrf A question about assignments and local variables

Question asked by rsb on Apr 8, 2005
"Simon Parfitt" <> wrote:
> Ok
> Again
> Simon

Cool- works fine (albeit requiring VEE 7 and limited to
strings and numerics- no complex, coords, etc) but requires
only a formula. Uses an external function so does create
new data but that's transparent so I'd say it qualifies!

So now we have

METHOD                          RESTRICTIONS

Array                             a and B must match type,shape,size
a=[a,b];b=a[0];a=a[1]             string, integer, real, complex, record
                                  no waveform or spectrum

even/odd                          a and b must match type, shape, size
b=b+a; a=b-a; b=b-a;              numeric types , scalar or array
                                  no strings or records or uint8

xor                               a and b must match type, shape, size
a=a xor b;b=a xor b;a=a xor b     integers only

system stack
Set stack = CreateInstance("mscorlib", "System.Collections.Stack" );
stack.Push(B);                    a and b must match type, shape, size
A=stack.Pop( );                   string, integer, real, scalar or array
B=stack.Pop( );                  
stack.Clear( );

anyone else?


Stan Bischof  Agilent Technologies  707-577-3994

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