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vrf DirectSound

Question asked by VRFuser on Aug 1, 2005
> there's no need to reinvent the wheel.

Awww! But you folks know I just *love* to invent wheels with lots and lots
of twisty little spokes

> In case MMI would do the job, you could try FreeView Sound as well.

Yes I'm sure MMI is plenty good enough. As long as the OP can live with
44.1KHz at 16-bits everything will work out fine. That is the direction I
took last night. Without the library though. The framework is all done (only
took half an hour). I'm already familiar with both raw MMI & MCI so I'm sure
I can come up with something that works fairly quickly.

Sometimes people have issues with third party libs, so I try to avoid them
whenever possible. Of course doing it all with VEE is pretty much the same
thing, but you know - it doesn't quite look like it to the customer

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