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vrf Changing line color of x-y plot

Question asked by rsb on Jan 12, 2005
"HUDSON,LEE (Non-A-Lumileds,ex1)" <> wrote:
> Does anyone know if I can programmically change the line color of an X-Y plot?
>  I want to measure the spectrum of an LED with a spectrometer and based on the
> dominant wavelength measured display the spectrum with the corresponding color
> in a VEE X-Y plot.
> Thanks,

Sure. A control input can change the line color.

See details on the object's help page. Look at "traces"

NOTE that this isn't dynamic though in that a given trace can only
be one color. So with 1 input you can't have say a red and a blue line.
But you can set the single line color to what you want.

To get something more dynamic if needed probaly use a Matlab plot.


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