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vrf multiple threads

Question asked by rsb on Jan 12, 2005
I have multiple threads running inside a program.  I want to run process two
ONLY after process one has finished.  I may, in fact, want to run process two
multiple times but I eventually want to run process one again.  And, I don't
want to be able to run process two while one is running.  I cant figure out how
to do this.  If I tie a thread from process one to the until break of process
two I can never get back to process one.  Any help is appreciated


So you really don't want independent threads at all- you just want
two routines controlled within one program.

I'd suggest writing the two routines as functions then add
a little controlling logic to decide which to run and when.

Or- if you really want physically disconnected threads
to be logically connected then use flags. At the start of each routine
set a global variable that says that routine is running. And of
course at the front of each check to see if the other is running
by looking at the appropriate variable.



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