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vrf Operating system hog or wrong technique?

Question asked by VRFuser on Apr 20, 2005
> Whenever I am running a VEE program,  no matter how simple,
> the operating system seems to devote 100% resources to VEE
> even in a wait state and does not allow any other software
> to multitask.

Well, it's not that it doesn't let *anything* else go, it's just that it
really sucks (time). That's basically just the way VEE works. You *can*
explicitly give up some of VEE's time by calling kernel32.Sleep(long dwMs).
Call with a value of 0 to give up the rest of VEE's quantum, or with an
explicit (32-bit) value to give up that number of milliseconds. Note that
timing is approximate.

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