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vrf NoiseCom UFX Noise source

Question asked by rsb on Jun 10, 2005
daved <> wrote:
> Does anyone have the GPIB reference for a NoiseCom UFX-7110 programmable noise
> generator? I need to read the noise attenuator setting and then set it to a
> new value. NoiseCom has no online documentation and I have no manual for the
> unit I have. NoiseCom will send me a hardcopy manual but I would like to have
> the information sooner.
> Thanks,
> Dave Durrett

Umm- almost hate to suggest it in these days of electronic communications,

you could have that manual tomorrow if you want it. FEDEX does
a darn nice job of overnight delivery.

there's an old saying that could be slightly modernized:

It is very hard to beat the bandwidth of a truckload of DVD's  !!


Stan Bischof  Agilent Technologies  707-577-3994

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