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Question asked by VRFuser on Aug 1, 2006
"Does anyone know how to embed a picture into a vee program (and a vee runtime program)? Currently when I insert a picture, it is linked to an image file and if I move the program I must move the image file with it."

Looking at past VEE programs (written by someone else), a picture can actually be embedded into VEE by using Active-X controls.

To do that:-

1. Go to main menu, under "Device", and then go to "Active-X Controls".
2. Under "Active-X Controls", there is "List View". Choose "List View".
3. Right click on the "List View" icon to choose "Control Properties".
4. "ListView Properties" window will pop up. Choose "Picture" Tab, and under "Properties" designator, choose "Picture" and browse for the picture that you want.
5. That picture should stay in your VEE program regardless of where you are moving the file.

Not sure if this helps ;p


Forgot to add that this can only be done using "Microsoft Windows Common Control" as the Active-X Control References.

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