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vrf Error 729 - very frustrating

Question asked by BBauer42 on Jun 7, 2006
Hi all,
     I have a program that works fine on the PC at my desk. However, I go to a PC in our lab and try to open it. The progress bar gets about 80% done and then I get an error saying Invalid User Function Name 'xxxxxxxx'. I get this for three functions, then it gives me the final error saying the file is not in proper format (Error 729). This is rediculous and I have no clue why it is happeneing. The functions it is listing all have some strange character to begin with, say something like this "?". Thus I see "?_Init_MSComm". On the PC where the program works, the name of the user function is actually only "Init_MSComm". Is there a language setting or something I am missing? PLEASE HELP... this is driving me nuts for the past few hours.

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