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vrf IO Lib 14.1

Question asked by VRFuser on Feb 28, 2006
Hello all

After spending lots of hours for troubleshooting i realized that it is the HP IO library RevG.01.00 that make my PC rebooting and rebooting... (new Motherboard Gigabyte 6VTXE, Win2k, VEE 5.02). A second PC is doing the same after changing to the same Motherboard.

In the meantime i upgraded to WinXP SP1a, installed .NET Framework and the new IO library 14.1. Now the PC is OK, no trouble anyway execpt one little thing: no RS232 in the Instrument Manager in VEE.
The IO Library Suite shows me all RS232 Interfaces.

Does this IO Lib Suite 14.1 don't go with VEE 5.02?
Is the IO Lib 14.0 OK for VEE 5.02?


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