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vrf Vision recognition systems.

Question asked by VRFuser on Jun 1, 2006
I have used NI's VDM (Vision development module ) on a number of vision applications. They are a set of ActiveX controls and functions, that were designed for VB, and work seamlessly in Vee. The VB examples are a good training ground.
You mght want to check first if you need VB installed, before the NI installer will install the ActiveX controls. I have a copy that I have lying around, and I just un-install the VB6 software afterwards.
A bit pricey (~4K), but, I have also tried common vision blox activeX, which would end up cheaper, but a couple of benchmark tests were slower, and the help appears to be geared for the C++ type programmer.


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Subject: [vrf] Vision recognition systems.


Has anyone integrated a vision system with VEE? If so can you recommend a system that is suitable for recognition of test patterns on a colour LCD screen, similar to a colour PDA type screen.


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