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pna-x Opt 90 markers issue

Question asked by rok on Aug 7, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2015 by rok

I'm using the A.10.43.00 firmware on the win7 version of the PNA-X. 

The issue I am having is with the markers in a Opt 90 spectrum analyzer measurement channel. 

The first issue is that when you print out the results, with the marker table option set, the marker table is missing the 'R' or reference marker, even though it is showing in the plot itself. (see attachment)

The second issue is the displayed marker digits. Every time I reload the .csa file, the opt 90 measurement channel's marker digits is set to 9, no matter what the previous saved setting was. For instance, I typically set the marker digits reading to be 3 digits. 

If this can be verified and fixed, that would be greatly appreciated.