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N4010A Testing with Virtual Panel Problem

Question asked by Zeid on Aug 6, 2015

I am preparing a setup for WLAN testing using the N4010A.
My laptop is being able to connect (both ways GPIB and USB) to the device and successfully enter the remote mode.
The self test returns no faults and the Demo works fine (N4010A_WLAN_Installer_A.06.57 version).

However any other test returns mostly a time out error linked to the Agilent.N4010.WLanTest.dll file.
At this current state no testing is possible. (Please see attachements)

I tried this with several IO Libraries versions (latest: IOLibSuite_17_1_19313) and several N4010A Firmware versions (latest:N4010A_Firmware_A.05.06.02) being installed without success (also tested on Win XP and Win 7).

488 option enabled

Any workaround?


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