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Acquisition problem on a DSO6054L with Driver Ag546XX on Labwindows/CVI

Question asked by fredob on Apr 26, 2012
Hello Everybody

I post this message because I have a problem to use my DSO6054L Oscilloscope with Driver Ag546XX on Labwindows/CVI.

I try to develop a HMI for the oscilloscope and when I succeed to acquire data on multiple Channel at the same time:
When I put the same signal on Channel1 and 2, when I trig and acquire data, the signal displayed are not exactly the same (if the voltage increase in time, the second plot will be superior to the first)
I use the Ag546XX_ReadWaveform and in a second time (for the second Channel) Ag546XX_FetchWaveform 
If someone have some example of utilisation in the right way of this Driver and Oscilloscope

Thank you very much

PS : Sorry for my bad English and if I am not posting in the right place