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34970A RS-232 woes

Question asked by patricklu on Mar 23, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2012 by hognala

I am having trouble connecting my Agilent 34970A to the computer. I have the instrument connected to COM1 via RS-232.
In Connection Expert, when I hit refresh all, it fails to identify the instrument. Under COM1, it reports that "There was a communication failure". If I view details, it displays "Error:The instrument failed to return an IDN string".

I am confident that my plugs and physical connections are correct. When I send commands to the instrument (through Connection Expert), no matter which command, it briefly flashes "Mux T/C" on its front panel, and "RMT" becomes engaged. The instrument is clearly responding to something on COM1. However, if I try to read the response to the command it always times out. 

I started having these problems because I upgraded from an older computer running Windows 95 to a new one with the latest version of BenchLink. On the older machine, it communicates just fine.

My connection expert version is 16.2.15823.0. Is there something simple or stupid that I'm doing wrong?

EDIT: I'm able to connect to the 34970A using a terminal (Hyperterminal in my case) using the appropriate baud rate, stop bits, and flow control, etc (all still at factory settings). When I type "*IDN?" I get an appropriate reply from the device. However, for some reason, I just can't get the Connection Expert or Bench Logger to recognize it. :(

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