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vrf Struct over CFI question

Question asked by VRFuser on Jul 11, 2006
No problem, I am happy to go with the bug explanation, makes me sleep easier at night knowing it may not be my failure!  It is not a big deal, as I have a work around already.

Again, many thanks for your help


Shawn Fessenden wrote:

I have tried to add an extra couple of
int32 to the arrays

Hmmm... well, the real honest-to-goodness size is really 116 bytes for an
array size of 29. Can't say what the problem may be.


Maybe I am missing something, but how
does this explain why I can't change the
first ulong value in the SetSettings value,

You're right, that doesn't have anything to do with it. Maybe the dll
functions just don't work right? It's not unusual for libraries to contain
bugs. Especially when there's a work around in place. It's cheaper to just
put it on a "known bugs" list and forget about it rather than fix it.

I'd have to see the whole thing to make a good case.


By embedded do you mean when you embed
another struct or pointer inside a struct?

Embedded systems programming. There was a time when that one little
"mistake" could have made the difference between a product that works and
one that doesn't because the memory requirements are too heavy. Those days
are vanishing now too though as embedded controllers get more flexible.




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