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vrf Error 979

Question asked by VRFuser on Mar 4, 2006
> Thoughts?

0xC0000005 = access violation = bad or null pointer. Probably null.
Probably. Nine times out of ten anyway.

Option 1: Run your program under a debugger (a real debugger - not the development debugger) and set it to break on access violation. With some luck you'll probably be able to figure out exactly what happened, but you probably won't be able to do anything about it.

Option 2: Test the ActiveX control with the test container (in the SDK or Visual Studio). It might be able to turn up the problem.

Option 3: Often times authors will include hidden properties or methods that can be used to debug various conditions. You can call these properties or methods, but you won't see them in any browser. You have to schmooze the author to go that route though. If you can't get anywhere that way, push the author for a debug version or download the latest version.

Option 4: Replace the strip chart.

What's going on? Who knows. That's the big problem with components & libraries. Unless you wrote 'em you don't have control. Why is VEE crashing and not the control? It *is* the control. VEE owns it (unless it's an out of process server), therefore VEE gets to handle the crash. VEE is probably doing something that is causing the control to crash, but unless you know why the control crashes there's nothing Agilent can do about it either (probably).

So it seems the error is related to drawing the control huh? That covers a lot of territory.

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