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vrf Defining Global Variable consisting of a record of records

Question asked by VRFuser on Aug 1, 2006
"HOUSTON,TOM" <> wrote:
> I routinely use a record that contains other records when reading in a
> configuration data file.  I would like to declare a Global and assign
> this data structure.

> I have a record of 8 text fields that contain individual switch
> settings.  I then have a record that contains 12 of these switch
> setting records corresponding to different tests to be performed.

> I can declare the Global as a record, but when I go to set the fields,
> it does not give me a data type of record to use in declaring the field.

Declare the global as a "variant" - then you can assign anything you want to it.


Stan Bischof  Agilent Technologies  707-577-3994

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