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AW: vrf Error 979

Question asked by VRFuser on Mar 6, 2006

> Thoughts?

I do not know if this fits to your particular problem, but in general i had the following experience so far with running VEE programs on different

Problem 1: paths
Vee runtime and VEE-development do have different paths, so that some programs do not run in the same way on a runtime only machine compared to the developer machine.

Problem 2: window versions
Dependent  on the window version there is differnet behavior caused by different paths or libraries...and user management ( registry)

Problem 3 : User rights

Very often the programs do run without problems under Admin rights, but if they are started under limited rights you do get problems with access to files etc. due to the window User Rights managements.

I do think that you may get problem with your ActiveX installation and the corresponding user right, as your developer machine seems to have admin rights and your user machine not. Perhaps you have to reinstall the activeX component under that user right. 
Give it a try,

Best regards,

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