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vrf Number handling?

Question asked by antti.suhonen on Jul 7, 2006
Hi again,
Well, it doesn't for trace vectors but does well with scalars ;D
If the bytes containing the +Infinity are converted to 99E36 (maybe 0-~10 of 'em per trace), the vector data integrity is lost when I swap the bytes based on trigger. Good that we have if/then/elses and "-1.#QNAN" ;D
BTW anyone know why does function 'Coord(x,y)' work? It ain't in the object browser. Are there more of these fancy undocumented gadgets?


From: Suhonen Antti
Sent: 07 July 2006 11:08
Subject: RE: [vrf] Number handling?

Hi Corey, rest,
Cheers, that probably fixes it on 7.0. However, I found a workaround; IF max(asReal64(d))>100k OR strPosStr(d, "QNAN")!=-1 Then swap else don't. (Anyone heard of >100kdB? ;D )
Hovering over +Infinity in 6.2, line probe shows "-1.#QNAN" and Alphanumeric +Infinity. What was odd, "QNAN" actually is found in string if array / scalar real number contains them...


From: Wills, Corey D []
Sent: 06 July 2006 16:56
Subject: RE: [vrf] Number handling?

Hi Antti,
I ran into this problem a couple years back when I upgraded one of our test systems to 7.0.  In the VEE 7.0 program, go to the properties of the main window and set "Convert Infinity to 9.9E37 on Binary Read" to True.  The alphanumerics and line probes will then report these readings as 99E36.
Attached is your example with Convert Infinity set to true.
I submitted this as a defect back in 2004, and I believe it has been fixed in later versions.

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