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vrf Seeking for help - My AWG N6030A dosen't work in VEE

Question asked by VRFuser on Aug 9, 2006
The VEE can not find N6030A from IO Manager, neither can Agilent Connection Expert.

Configuration Description:
The AWG N6030A is located in an PXI chassis with a PXI controller PXI-8186 as a PC. The development environment is as follow:
1. NI-MAX & NI-VISA as primary visa
2. Agilent IO Library Suite & Agilent VISA as secondary visa 3. Agilent VEE

How can I do to create a session for N6030A in the VEE??

PS: there is a C header file, N6030A_VEE.h, in IVI directory, how to use this file in VEE???

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