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vrf Diference between .net and activex?

Question asked by VRFuser on Mar 6, 2006
> I'm looking for diference between .net and activex in HPVee.

Well technically HP VEE doesn't do .NET - that's Agilent VEE

Assuming that's a typo -

  They're different object technologies. Completely different.
  To create an ActiveX class object, use CreateOjbect.
  To create a dotNET class instance, use CreateInstance.

  Once an object is created, their use looks exactly the same.
  They both use a dot to traverse levels of the hierarchy. Typically,
  this is called a "dot operator", not to be confused with the C++
  scope resolution operator or the PHP "Paamayim Nekudotayim".

One major advantage of 7 is that it has access to .NET COM Interop and can use any COM component. Versions 5 & 6 were only compatible with ActiveX components.

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