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vrf SP-L Modulation / Manchester Coding to modulate a ESG E4436Bsource

Question asked by VRFuser on Jun 12, 2006

Hi All

I need to SP-L (Split phase - level) modulate a tone at around 2Ghz. I do not believe the agilent ESG E4436B digital synth has the ability to produce this modulation scheme as standard.

From what i have read, SP-L refers to the encoding scheme (split phase level). Effectively it uses manchester encoding of the input data stream. e.g a "0" becomes "01" and a "1" becomes "10" so effectively the data is carried in the transition between levels for each bit rather than in the level itself.
Using the manchester encoded data gives a double sidetone modulation shape in the frequency spectrum with a dip at the CF (similar to BPSK i think?) I wish to use the standard PRN15 data sequence which I now can be generated internally from the ESG and also this is a format that the BER meter option recognises.

If required i have no problem generating the PRN 15 data stream myself, and could also manchester code this to (for instance) produce an excel sheet with the data but i do not know about the practicalities of how to produce the I&Q component data in the format required by the ESG E4436B generator in order to make use of the realtime I&Q BBand option. (option UN8 i think).
If anyone has ever generated the data stream for this encoding/modulation scheme or knows how to do it, then their help would be much appreciated.

As i have said in a previous "help!" request to the VRF - I do not know much about digital modulation techniques, so be gentle! I have no real idea about how to even begin to generate the I&Q reqd to synthesize my reqd signal. Any practical "hand holding"  much appreciated

Also i would like to be able to use the E4436Bs internal BER meter to complete the loop and test my DUT for bit error. however i understand that if i encode my PRN15 sequence to manchester code (externally to the ESG generator, then the BER meter will not be of any use (it only understands standard PRN9  and PRN15 sequnces). If anyone knows a way of still using the BER option then that would be great.

Thats about everything, any help gratefully recieved

regards, Chris Tanner

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