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vrf Orbit/FR Positoner Contollers AL-4906-3A

Question asked by VRFuser on Mar 8, 2006

I am trying to talk to the Orbit AL-4906-3A Postioner Controller thru VEE and have run into a problem. I can send commands to the contoller ("Load" & "Run") and perform the required movement. I also had some success (with some difficulty) using "Query" and "Read" operations. But had no luck with the use of SRQ and/or SPOLL.

The requirement is to perform a (Sector) scan and wait for the Orbit Controller to complete the scan, and raise an SRQ or detect the completion using SPOLL.

My system environment is VEE6/VEE7.5, I/O Libraries 14.0, WinXP SP2, Agilent 82357A USB-GPIB/82350 PCI-GPIB.

I would greatly appreciate any suggestions, recommendations, and sharing of your experiences with SRQ/SPOLL usage. An example in VEE would also be very helpful.


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