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AW: vrf Active X error 554

Question asked by VRFuser on Aug 8, 2006
Forgot to mention: Since Vee7.5 you do have the Excel library built in.
This will overcome some problems with the "old" activeX way of doing things-especially some misinterpreting.
So please, use 7.5 and read the manual for the excel part - and perhaps your problem is solved But - no guarantee...

By the way - i do not have your problem ...( anymore ;-.) )

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Von: Baranski, Detlef
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Betreff: AW: [vrf] Active X error 554

Be fair.
If you can reproduce the error and send a sample, the agilent guys ( and
ladies)  will for sure find out if it is a Vee bug.
But in many cases it is a fault of MS.
And of course... bugs are hard to find out sometimes.

So please, do send your sample and let us check ( i do have the feeling that this error occur due to timing probs due to another task , or perhaps due to a memory fault....)

And since Vee7.5, you do have the chance to make a mem snapshot for vee to find out what is going wrong. You can send this to the VEE people to get fast help.

So my other recommendation is:
Download the VEE 7.5, use EVAL as password and test it again. ( You need
IOlib14.2 before ! )

best regards,


Von: Amrik Sekhon [mailto:Amrik.Sekhon@GeePlus.Biz]
Gesendet: Dienstag, 8. August 2006 10:35
Betreff: RE: [vrf] Active X error 554

Hi Vrf

Excellent cheers for the response, at last i am not going mad.

My system is winXP, XL2003, vee7

The task manager only shows one instance open when the system crashes.

But it does appear that this is a issue for Agilent/ Microsoft to sort out which i had suspected for a long time but it was like talking to a brickwall. For now i am gonna have to do a work around for this which is a bit of a let down. Why does the Agilent literature have no mention of this problem since i have banged my head against a wall for the past year or so.

SO Has The boys from agilent got anything to add to this? A mention that the Active X is not a valid method of data streaming would be good, saves a lot of head banging dev time!

Well now that i have some idea as not to try and fix it but to ' bodge '
it i shall do this as an iterim solution.

Well this for me does put a big nail in the coffin of VEE, and after reading a lot of emails recently about labview versus VEE it seems pretty conclusive that labview is the more solid choice for robust test and measurement design. Would i be true in thinking this, since i have just got the company to invest in a lot of labview software / hardware.
I was reluctant to use this as i found vee easy and handy to use but it seems i have no choice. However i will use Vee still but the way many folks have suggest for simple things!



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