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vrf Time Zone bug - the final word(?)

Question asked by bwalden on Aug 9, 2002
Finally we have the answer!!!  My Win2000 applications have been plagued
by a ToString timestamp error for longer than I care to think about.
Despite numerous reflector messages and exchanges with Agilent, a
ridiculous workaround has been necessary to insure that Vee applications
are able to timestamp data correctly on a number of my computers.
Yesterday Georg Nied sent me a message containing an account of a
similar problem experienced in the past which provided the solution.
Amazingly enough, Georg found this information via the ADN and yet the
Agilent technical support people apparently don't know about it.

It turns out that you can set a TZ environmental variable in the
Autoexec.bat file and Vee uses this when generating a timestamp string.
This variable is not shown in the list provided by the Windows/ System/
Advanced/ Environmental Variables but it can be seen by typing the old
DOS command "Set" in a Command Prompt window.  You can change its value
with something like "Set TZ=EST" or you can edit the Autoexec.bat file
then run it.  Unfortunately, Vee does not seem to react to "late"
changes - the only value Vee uses is the one established when the
computer first starts.

If this were documented in a reasonable way or information had been
forthcoming from Agilent, I might be convinced that its a feature
despite the fact that Vee doesn't react to TZ changes - as it is, I
continue to feel its a substantial bug.


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