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vrf HP4156 panel driver

Question asked by VRFuser on May 23, 2006
> Has anyone worked with the HP4156 panel driver.

Not me.  But I understand driver code.

> It reports errors if I try to change the mode of SMU4 to COMMON in the
> Sampling mode and reports instrument driver error 1062: No CASE was
> matched in a select statement in device HP4156A, component SMU4_MODE
> line 8432.

That line of the code is selecting a case for const_op_tmp_store -- which is a string.  It apparently has a value that was not expected 12 years ago.

>  Is this a bug in the panel driver code?

Possibly.  Or your instrument has newer options than the code.

> Are the panel driver codes reliable or can we expect them to have bugs.

Some are reliable (at least the ones Jay and I wrote , but most are obsolete.  Newer options have been added to the instruments that the drivers can't handle.

> If this is a bug, can I get a correct version of the panel driver for

I think there is a Plug&Play version available.  It might work better.  At least it's newer.

~~Les Hammer

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