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vrf VEE and Thermotron

Question asked by VRFuser on Jun 5, 2006
Thanks again all (Paul and Les   Les is one of those people who's
brain I'd like to download (other's too, like Shawn Fessenden, Jay Nemeth-Johannes and others).  Maybe they'll develop the technology one

I'll try TCP/IP Instrument Protocol, maybe it's a more common reference to the same thing?  It's also interesting what you mention about SICL-LAN being Agilent only - I wasn't aware of that.  It's so hard to keep all the protocols apart...


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> VXI-11 is something that I read in one or more of the Agilent white
> papers
> I haven't spoken to the Thermotron people yet, but I'm thinking if I
mention VXI-11,
> I'll just get a "huh?".

VXI-11, also known as TCP/IP Instrument Protocol, has been around for a while.
(VEE will use either TCP/IP or SICL-LAN -- an Agilent proprietary language from the acient times.)

It's a fundamental question the I would hope the Thermotron people would know the answer to.
They either are their own proprietary protocol or VXI-11.

(PS: VXI-11 has nothing to do with VXI hardware instruments.  That hardware was not VXI-11 compatable.)

~~Les Hammer

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