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AW: vrf Matlab graph object gui controls/ hints and tips

Question asked by VRFuser on Jun 22, 2006
One more hint for Matlab use:
There are just a few matlab samples within VEE, but hundrets of examples within matlab.
Just open a matlabscipt box in VEE, then go to the help menu for matlab. There you read a lot of hints and samples. Just copy these text-samples  and paste them to the VEE-matlabbox ( Ctrl-C and CRTL-V after marking with the mouse ), and then the sample is available in VEE....
Simple, but for a beginner not easy to find .

Hope it helps,

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Thanks very much for that, exactly what I needed. I spent some time on Matlab today, you can do some nice things with Matlab script.

Paul Chapman

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> Paul,
> Ah, yes . . .  one never learns a new tool with the easy stuff because
> the old tools work for that.
> First of all, you may not need to write much GUI for the types of
> operations you describe. The Matlab plot window has a menu called
> Tools which gives you access to the most commonly tweaked graph
> properties, and usually a toolbar that lets you select objects, zoom,
> and rotate. (A
> click in zoom mode takes you back to the original scale.) In selection
> (pointer icon on the toolbar) you can right click on an object to edit
> its properties, axis scaling for example.
> If this is not sufficient and you still need GUI tools, go to the VEE
> Help menu and open up the Matlab HelpDesk. Look at the sections under
> Learning Matlab Script>>Graphics>>Handle Graphics, and
> Subject>>Graphical User Interface Creation. The first will educate you
> on Matlab graphics
> and how to find and change the properties of graphics objects. The
> second will give you help on the individual graphics controls you can use.
> Here is a quick example using a GUI to change axis scaling (which can
> also be done from the Tools menu.) (See attached file: graphGUI.vee)
> --
> Bill Ossmann
> "Chapman" <> wrote on 06/21/2006 08:00:39 AM:
> > Hello,
> >
> > I am using the Matlab graph object for the first time as I need to
> > display about 40 traces on the one graph
> >
> > Can I add GUI controls to Matlab graph window, for example buttons,
> > text boxes to change graph scaling, select different graphing options?
> >
> > The Matlab examples provided with VEE don't have GUI controls but
> > the 'Welcome to VEE - Matlab demo' shows examples with controls on
> > the graph window (eg Graphics/2D Plots)
> >
> > Can this be done in Matlab script in VEE?
> >
> > What's some suggested approaches?
> >
> > Thanks and regards
> > Paul Chapman

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