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vrf Sequencer Failure ??

Question asked by VRFuser on Apr 17, 2001


The sequencer object performs a test of "almost equal" (to quote the help
file) on all pass/fail checks. This means VEE tests out to 6 significant
digits for equality and determine pass of fail based on this. I get the same
result using an IF/THEN/ELSE and the comparison A~=B. The comparison passes
with your two values on A~=B but fails if comparing A==B. A possible
solution to your needs would be to call a new function and return a 1 or 0
and check comparison.


Lyle Carnahan
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Agilent Technologies

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Hello Vee Users,

i had found an error with the sequencer.

When i compare this value (16777183) with a limit with this value
(16777182) i get a pass. This shouldn't happen.
I use Vee 5.01 on WinNT 4.0 with Sp6a.

You can test this on your machine with the attached file.
When anybody occour this failure too, i will be glad for myself but not for
Agilent Vee.

Thanks for replays

Viele Gre
Best regards

i. A.

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(See attached file: sequencer_failure.vee)
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