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Question asked by rsb on Apr 15, 2003
"Fix, Russell" <> wrote:
> Every time that the operator presses the test button I would like that time to
> be written to my continual test log file. I see that this data is in the
> seconds from midnight format. I need to convert that into something legible
> and written that way. I know that with an alphanumeric display I can change
> the format however that does not allow for the data to be output. Any
> suggestions. Thanks

The To File formatted IO can format times the same way you see in
the alphanumeric display.

Just choose 'time stamp' format

only thing to watch for is that formatting does NOT apply to strings,
so formatting  "time:"+now()  won't do what you want since by the
time formatting gets to your value it is already a string. instead
you can use two transactions or one with multiple values such as
   note the comma



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