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vrf new member has problem

Question asked by rsb on Apr 17, 2001
Bob Duet <> wrote:
> Hi, I have just subscribed to this list.  I hope to convince my fellow
> employees here at my new job to switch from LabView to VEE.  In order to do
> that, I need to communicate with the National Instruments PCI-6503 DIO
> board.  This is a PCI plug in board that contains an 8255 PPC.  I wish to
> read and write to the various ports on the board, and to write to the config
> port.  In the days of HPBasic, I used to write to a port address to access
> the various ports.  Now, in the world of plug n play and software addressing
> control, I do not know how to communicate with any PCI boards.  VEE version
> 6 does not recognize the board when I use Instrument Auto Detect, although
> the National Instruments GPIB board gets detected.  How do I use VEE to talk
> to this board?  I would like to use VEE's Direct IO feature if possible.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanx.
> Bob Duet
> Sr. Test Engineer
> Axonn, LLC

A quick perusal of the NI pages shows that the drivers for this card are
provided in the form of DLL's. In which case you won't be using Direct IO
but rather will be using function calls.

In VEE, first "import" the DLL as a compiled function. You'll need
function prototypes, which appear to be provided by NI.

At that point in the "function and object" browser you'll find all the
functions used to control the card.

Then you'll control the card by function calls. Presumably the NI docs will
give enough information to make this simple.



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