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vrf Executing external Visual Basic Programs

Question asked by VRFuser on Apr 17, 2001
I wrote a complex VEE program using 6.01. It the beginning of the program I
call a Visual Basic compiled executable using the VEE Execute Program (PC)
module. After few seconds the VB program locks. When I control-Alt-Delete I
get the Task Manager and lists the VEE program as "not responding."

At first I thought that the combined VEE and VB program used all available
memory but I tried a simple VEE program that only had the Execute Program
box in it and it called a simple VB program that only had two command
buttons and a text box and it also locked after a few second.

Executing the same VB program from VEE 5.01 seems to work OK. I observed
this locking phenomenon using VEE 6.01 on two different systems so I am
sure that it is not hardware related.

Both systems are using Windows 95.

Any suggestions?

Mark Behrendt

Project Development Engineer
Howmet Research Corporation a Division of Alcoa

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