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vrf Calling extension DLL's from VEE

Question asked by VRFuser on Jun 13, 2002
Keith -

> I would like information, or
> a pointer to where I can find
> information, about exporting
> a class to VEE.

As far as I know, VEE isn't going to understand what you're doing. You can however, with minimal effort, wrap your classes in ActiveX and use them that way with VEE. AfxManageState would apply to this situation also since VEE's thread would be executing code (unless this would be implemented as an out of proc server).

> On a related topic, how helpful
> have people found the ADN

I'm kinda biased -- I think any info at all is helpful

Seriously though, currently it looks pretty good and as Scott said it's getting better all the time. This is even from the 'basic' level point of view.

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