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vrf change of address (not really a VEE-problem)

Question asked by VRFuser on Aug 24, 2006
> Do you know where I can find a qotd for Windows?

Ugh! Windows quotes aren't good and I doubt anybody ever adds any that are.
Nevertheless you can use If no param is given it uses localhost. You can name a server to use if you want. Either an IP number or a resolvable name will work.

No doubt you noticed that sometimes when you run QOD5.vee it says the socket is in the wrong state for reading. This is because the server responds too quickly and closes the socket before VEE can get to the ReadData call (as per RFC 0865 - notice that in most other server specs the client is in control of the connection).

This behavior can be inferred from the description of using FD_CLOSE in an WSAEventSelect call in the dox. Unfortunately this is no good for scripted clients - it's definitely one thing to watch out for when using the winsock control with VEE. Good thing most servers don't work that way.

At any rate, that's not really the way it works. The dox say the FD_CLOSE event "shouldn't" happen until all data is read, but in my experience it
*always* happens whenever the server closes the socket, regardless of the receive buffer status. I have this theory that it's the FD_CLOSE event that sets the State property of the control to sckClosed (or sckClosing - I didn't bother to check) and that's what messes up the GetData call.

Normally one shouldn't do what you see done in qotd.c (wait on a close and then read), but in this case it works because of this quirk of winsock and the fact that no quote is likely to be over one frame buffer long.

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