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vrf Cursors in Curve-Display

Question asked by antti.suhonen on Sep 13, 2006
Hi Peter, rest,
Using GetAsyncKeyState in user32. Set up a loop for few dozen msecs to poll key states and move cursors based on that.
Function here:
Key codes here.

Hi all,
is there a means, which should be not too complicated(*), to allow the user to change the position of two cursors instead by the mouse -which is common- by means of *any shortcut of the keyboard* (which of course I'd be happy to enter to the programm) to select and change position of the two cursors by the arrow-keys of the keyboard.
Actually, I would not ask for that as I like my mouse, if it works, but I was asked by a customer to perform that task.
As VRF means VEE reflector, you are invited to reflect on my question above.
(*) of course, there must be one, but I'm not really interested in changing *a hell of objects* in my programm *and fiddle around with*, as said programm is in VEE6.2 and a change to VEE7.5 will cause trouble at customer's side, which I'd like to avoid if possible.
Thanks for help, if there is any.

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