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vrf Use of a E5810A Lan to GPIb in VEE 5

Question asked by VRFuser on Apr 16, 2003
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2003 by VRFuser

> I want to buy a replacement product for our E2050 Lan to GPIB converter
> Agilent advises me to buy the E5810A. But they advertise that it works
> Vee 6. How about Vee 5? Has anybody tried this yet? I need to know this
> since I have a program using vee 5 and the old lan converters.

The "hard part" is done by VISA.  For either th E2050 or the E5810A, use the
Agilent I/O configuration to set the converter up as a VISA LAN Client.
will make the converter look like a GPIB card to anything that does I/O,
VEE.  Any version of VEE (any version of anything) that was able to use an
GPIB card before, will be able to use the converter with the same calls as a
GPIB card.  There are help file web pages in the converter that tell you how
do this.  (I wrote them myself. 

So, yes, VEE 5 can use the converter - as long as your Agilent VISA is up to

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