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AW: vrf Oh No not another Excel Problem !!

Question asked by bernhardt on Mar 20, 2002
Hi Mark,

did you try to switch off EXCEL error messages with

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Hi All,

     Please can somebody help me while I still have some hair left.

I have two workbooks open and wish to copy some raw plot data from book 2 to
a template document in book 1, this is simple enough and works fine.
I now want to close the second workbook containing the raw data without
saving the changes, again this seemed simple enough using the command


However the user is prompted each time that there is a large amount of data
on the clipboard is this data required YES / NO etc.
The problem appears to be that the range I have copied from book 2 is still
selected (with dashed lines indicating a cut/copy), I guess that if I could
somehow deselect this range programmatically then this prompt would not
appear and the workbook would close as it should.

Whatever I seem to do to try to get around this has so far met with failure
e.g. selecting another cell or range within that worksheet.

Any help would be gratefully appreciated, an example of the required code
would be even better.

I'm sure the solution is simple but I just can't see it, thanks in advance.

Mark Wills

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