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vrf GPIB Data Analyzer

Question asked by eshaw on Nov 7, 2001
<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 3.2//EN"><HTML><HEAD><META HTTP-EQUIV="Content-Type" CONTENT="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1"><META NAME="Generator" CONTENT="MS Exchange Server version 5.5.2653.12"><TITLE>RE: vrf GPIB Data Analyzer</TITLE></HEAD><BODY><P><FONT SIZE=2>I use the National Instruments GPIB NI-488.2 driver. It comes with an application called NI Spy which can monitor, record, and display the GPIB commands while your application is running.</FONT></P><BR><P><FONT SIZE=2>-----Original Message-----</FONT><BR><FONT SIZE=2>From: dan besgrove [<A HREF=""></A>]</FONT><BR><FONT SIZE=2>Sent: Wednesday, November 07, 2001 6:55 AM</FONT><BR><FONT SIZE=2>To:</FONT><BR><FONT SIZE=2>Subject: vrf GPIB Data Analyzer</FONT></P><BR><P><FONT SIZE=2>Hi,</FONT><BR><FONT SIZE=2>I have a PC running some hidden software that controls an HP sig gen over </FONT><BR><FONT SIZE=2>the IEEE bus. Occassionally, the sig gen or PC will lock up.</FONT><BR><FONT SIZE=2>Disconnecting the PC, I can control the sig gen using my laptop and VEE </FONT><BR><FONT SIZE=2>without the sig gen locking up.</FONT><BR><FONT SIZE=2>Question : Can I somehow use my laptop (running VEE) to act as a bus monitor </FONT><BR><FONT SIZE=2>? It would sit on the bus between PC and sig gen and show the commands and </FONT><BR><FONT SIZE=2>data that are on the line. I know about the BUS MONITOR facility within VEE, </FONT><BR><FONT SIZE=2>but this application is a bit different.</FONT><BR><FONT SIZE=2>Regards,</FONT><BR><FONT SIZE=2>Dan Besgrove</FONT><BR><FONT SIZE=2></FONT></P><P><FONT SIZE=2>_________________________________________________________________</FONT><BR><FONT SIZE=2>Get your FREE download of MSN Explorer at <A HREF="" TARGET="_blank"></A></FONT></P><P><FONT SIZE=2>---------------------------------------------------------------------</FONT><BR><FONT SIZE=2>This is the "vrf" maillist, managed by Majordomo.  To send messages to</FONT><BR><FONT SIZE=2>this maillist, just email to "".  Subscriptions and</FONT><BR><FONT SIZE=2>unsubscriptions are done through the address "".</FONT><BR><FONT SIZE=2>If you need details, just send a message containing the text "help"</FONT><BR><FONT SIZE=2>to "".</FONT><BR><FONT SIZE=2>---------------------------------------------------------------------</FONT></P></BODY></HTML>