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Question asked by VRFuser on Nov 16, 2003
Made some further changes to Subclass:

  1) Eliminated replacement parameters, and all message params
     are now passed by reference. If you want to change them,
     you can do so from VEE by simply returning different values
     from GotMsg.
  2) Changed SubCls.RecognizeCommand to a function returning
     the added Recognizer object so you can modify it's
     properties if you want.
  3) Changed Recognizers collection to take optional Recognizer
     object in function Add and changed all functions that use
     Add to call first, then set properties. This eliminates
     intermediate Recognizer objects.

The source is free for all - just ask. I'll send it individually to those
who want it. Apparently some corporate rubbers are now rejecting .bas files
in archives so I won't mail these via the VRF. Please check with your IT
dept. to make sure you can receive a .bas file in an archive (zip) before
asking, or give me an alternate address - I promise I won't abuse them

Maybe a better idea is to find an archive format that your corporate sniffer
can't poke into - heheheheh. tar? gzip? rar? arc? lhz? (or my favorite,
arj). I got a lot of 'em. Remember that may have consequences for filenames

This will be the final version of the object model & functionality. Any
further changes will be properly COM versioned - I've been cheating so far
and that's not kosh. A help file will be forthcoming but I can't promise
when that will be.

I can see maybe adding a multi-parameter callback capability at some point
but this probably won't go any further than that.

Oh, also - I forgot to mention that the posted RealMenus only works
correctly on version 5 shells and above. This means at least Windows 98 or
Windows 2000. Combining text & bitmaps on menus can be done on earlier
shells, but it's not as easy.

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