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vrf Time stamped file names

Question asked by VRFuser on Aug 25, 2006
I have now managed to address Instrunet units directly via the standard VEE routines provided with Instrunet software which loads the units with what I want them to do. These standard routines along with my extra bits for field address etc have been placed into a user object. The problem I now have though is how to send this info to the Instrunet module just once and then check for a specific condition to occur so a further command can be sent to the INET module to turn it off. Using an IF/THEN/ELSE on my user object really hacks the INET unit as it keeps re-sending the field info, so slowing down the hardware. If my INET user object is not connected in any flow then it operates fine as it only sends the field info once. Should I create a user function and do a call or is there a different approach?
Thanks all, John


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