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Problems with the Analyzer Network N5230A

Question asked by jfgomez on Mar 30, 2012
Good morning,

I am using a Network Analyzer in our laboratory; however some days ago I have some problems with it.
The references are: N5230A 10 MHz-20 GHz, PNA Series Network Analyzer.

After turning on this analyzer, automatically the Network Analyzer application is running but an error message appears: 

“Error: PNA Hardware Not Found. 
Cannot find valid hardware and/or the PNA hardware/DSP driver is not installed. Reinstalling the PNA Network Analyzer application may solve the problem”.

And the application stopped working.

This process is repeated all the time and I have not be able to use it again.

Where could I get the PNA hardware/DSP driver? I have found a driver from:

but it doesn’t work. Maybe this driver is very recent, more than the operative system of the Network Analyzer. Where could I find the original driver?

I wonder if the hard disc of the Network Analyzer has some defect. 

I have used a restore point but I have not solved the problem, in fact appears other message:

“Fatal error. PNA exit log at…
C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Temp\835xLog_01 cd0f02a5b2d600”

How could I solve this problem? 

Thank you very much.