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vrf SPOLL over LAN?

Question asked by VRFuser on Oct 6, 2006
Hello all,
Though I've developed many a test in VEE for GPIB and serial based test systems, I'm just diving into my new LAN based system, and therefore have which might be a newbie question:  does the LAN interface support SPOLL?  I have a 34980A DMM system scanner and I've written many direct I/O fx's for it which work fine, but as soon as I do an SPOLL, it seems to lock up the interface, and the only way to recover is to restart VEE.  However, if I do an *STB?, it works fine.  I assume that it's supported because it allows me to choose it for this interface, but maybe this is a bug in VEE.  I can't find anything in the doc's or the internet.
Reiner Schlieker
Test Equipment Designer
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